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Symptoms of Dog Dysplasia, Arthritis and More
It’s hard to see our pet’s quality of life decrease as they struggle to play or get around. This can be caused by hip dysplasia, hip and joint arthritis, chronic intervertebral disk disease, muscle atrophy, degenerative joint disease and more. While these conditions most commonly affect older and larger breeds of dogs – Retrievers, Great Danes, German Shepherds, etc. – all ages and sizes are susceptible. As bones, joints and muscles start to lose functionality, you’ll notice soreness, limping, stiffness, hesitation to exercise, play or even walk up stairs. Your dog will slow down and show less zest for life as their condition worsens. Pets are truly part of the family, and our goal is to go above and beyond for their health and wellbeing. Thanks to Dr. Bieber, treatment is available.

What is Dogosterone™ Therpay and How Does it Work?
Dr. Bieber developed this treatment after his Chocolate Lab, Bruno, became paralyzed in his hind legs due to ailments that come with old age. Dogosterone™ Therapy is a skilled treatment method that involves the injection of testosterone to increase your pet’s ability to get around. As a hormone, testosterone maintains muscle mass and increases bone density, but dogs that have been neutered have absolutely none. Dogosterone™ Therapy treatments will vary by dog, their condition and severity of the symptoms. Before treatment begins, a full evaluation of your pet is completed to determine the level of therapy needed.

Dogosterone™ Therapy Results
Dr. Bieber has been researching Dogosterone™ Therapy since 2008 using medium and large dogs – both spayed and neutered – that have a hard time getting around. He officially started offering the treatment in 2009, and the results have been amazing and encouraging, with a 92% success rate. Pets that have been treated with the testosterone injections see an increase in mobility, particularly in the use of their hind legs. Some dogs will even return to having a full range of motion. As many as 25% of canines could benefit from the therapy, easing pain, returning mobility and rejuvenating spirit – even through the teenage years!

We’re Here For Your Pet
Ensuring that your dog lives a long, active, happy life is Dr. Bieber’s goal. His passion for his own pet prompted him to develop this unique and highly effective treatment. Looking to learn more about the research behind Dogosterone™ Therapy or get details on the process? Call 954-432-6230 - We look forward to helping your pet live life to the fullest!